Erin's Art

In February 2019, my daughter took her life of 33 years.  Heartbroken...I've come to know that grief and sadness come and go much like the ebb and flow of waves.  With such a devastating loss, I wanted to create a return of some kind.  Something to help lessen the stigma surrounding suicide, as well as, allowing a little joy in sharing a part of her with all of you.  Please click on the link below to view Erin's artwork with an opportunity to purchase, if you feel inclined.  Profits from sales will be donated to a local animal shelter in Erin's honor.  Although too late for us, I've also included what I believe to be a critical starting point that may help someone struggling with any kind of trauma responses.  (I am forgoing using the label "mental illness" here as research continues to expand our understanding).  Please share in any way you wish. XO