About Me


Hi, my name is Sally Adams and I am an artist currently working in Shelby Township, Michigan. I have loved art and creating it for as long as I can remember...


Rebellious by nature, I didn’t like school or sitting still for that matter, unless it involved coloring, painting or chasing a ball.  It wasn’t until a painting class in high school where my passion began to emerge.  It would take decades- college, marriage, 3 children, divorce, a false arrest (48 hrs in jail), Grandchildren, and the tragic passing of my eldest daughter- for me to fully embrace my GIFT.  (Please see my link to Erin's Art.)  I am still learning and continue to be humbled by my experiences.  I hope my art touches a place in your heart where pleasant memories reside or bring a sense of peace.  I’m grateful everyday that I am able to spend my time doing what I love.  I'm fortunate also, to have a network of supportive friends and a wonderful family.


My studio namesake and companion of 13 years, Pickledog, passed on in November 2021.  I keep his lively spirit with me as I go about my days. 


Also, you should know, I've traded the soccer, tennis, and basketballs for pickleball.  Because I (ironically) had a dog named Pickle I couldn't resist creating a line of pickleball designs (some starring Pickledog) that you can find here:  pickleballteez.com


With all that said, I hope you find something here that moves you in a way that it originally moved me to create, or simply - you love it so much you can’t live without it!


I am open to any questions, and commissions are always welcomed. :) Please feel free to contact me via text or email.


:) Sally