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 Ringo and I


Hi, my name is Sally Adams and I am an artist currently working in Shelby Township, Michigan. I have loved art and creating it for as long as I can remember...


Rebellious by nature, I didn’t like school or sitting still for that matter, unless I was drawing, coloring, painting... or chasing a ball!  It wasn’t until a painting class in high school where my passion began to emerge. Busy raising a family and easily distracted with an irresitable love of the outdoors, it would take decades for me to focus on the GIFT I have been given...


“Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us.” 

~ Steven Tyler (See Erin's Art)


I find inspiration in nature and our human interaction with it working indirectly from the photographs I take.  Capturing and suspending a moment in time, I extract and simplify the composition in my paintings.  I hope my art touches a place in your heart where a special moment or a peaceful memory resides.  I’m grateful everyday that I am able to spend my time doing what I love.  Commissions are welcomed.  Please feel free to contact me via text or email with any questions!


:) Sally





My studio namesake and companion of 13 years, Pickledog, passed in November 2021.  I keep his lively spirit with me as I introduce my new companion, Ringo, to studio life and nature hikes!


Pickle 2014


If you're still reading this... you should know, I've traded the soccer, tennis, and basketballs for Pickleball.  Because (ironically) as you now know, I had a dog named Pickle and couldn't resist creating a line of Pickleball designs - (some starring Pickledog) that you can find here:  pickleballteez.com



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